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Why "Care Spells"?

The name "Care Spells" was created with the intention of cultivating care through the magic of spell work. Manifesting play and tenderness  in the realms of our imagination that aligns with a more compassionate and accountable world.

About Me.

Lex Siebuhr, pronouns they/them, is the curator and founder of Care Spells. Care Spells is a series of various creations that started as a social advocacy meets magic podcast. Through the years Lex has developed their consulting LLC, Care Spells Consulting. With more than a decade of skill development Lex has honed their craft of training, facilitating, and community outreach in spaces such as schools, non-profit, county, and grassroots organizing. They continue to get curious and center care in their professional, political, and personal life.

Picture of Lex Siebuhr, white femme with medium long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, gauged ears, eyebrow piercing, smiley piercing, and nose piercing. They wear a black hat, black turtle neck, grey blazer, and rose quartz necklace. They are smiling at the camera.

Extended Biography

Lex is a writer, educator, and advocate that has been in the field of response and harm reduction for more than a decade. Their work centers education on sexualized violence, intimate partner violence, consent culture, and building healthier relationships. Lex has had extensive experience in organizing and planning events central to facilitating healing, awareness, and community building for folks most targeted by systemic violence. For the past 8 years Lex has worked on queering housing advocacy, mental health, and youth services as it relates to community building and transformative, non-punitive, response methods. Lex's tool belt consists of training, facilitating, and community outreach in spaces such as youth services, non-profit, county, and grassroots organizing.


Lex received their B.A in Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with an M.A. in Social Sciences. Their thesis, "Collective Healing Within Queer Paradoxes: deconstructing emotional abuse in lgbtq2sia* communities to cultivate more accountable and compassionate worlds", has spurred presentations and workshops that they have led on intimate partner violence in LGBTQ2SIA* communities and ways in which we can show up as individuals and communities to break cycles of violence.


While working on their business as the Executive Director of Care Spells Consulting, Lex also sporadically tends to cultivating episodes for their Care Spells podcast. In addition to these labors of love, Lex is working on a series of Care Spells pocket books.

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