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Care Spells Consulting provides trainings that facilitate conversations around topics for social change, re-education, and trauma informed responses. Some examples of trainings that have been done; emotional abuse in queer communities, meeting houseless youth where they are and self care through structural change, youth building healthy relationships, and human trafficking in rural communities. Trainings can be developed and presented by Care Spells Consulting or created for the purpose of clients being able to facilitate themselves.

Content Consulting

Care Spells Consulting  assists organizations, agencies, and individuals develop training and community outreach content that is engaging and equitable. Content development includes, but is not limited to: brochures, hand-outs, fliers, newsletters, logos, resource development, newsletters, publicity, community relations, referrals, forms, surveys, and more!


Care Spells Consulting develops event plans with organizations, agencies, and individuals to center a more equitable and engaging space when aligning with clients goals. Events plans and support can include network gatherings, round tables, workshops, conferences, celebrations, and awareness events. Some example of events that have been organized through Care Spells Consulting; homeless peoples memorial event, hunger and homelessness awareness week, take back the night, uplifting queer youth round table event, community networking for IPV/DV agency support, and queer prom.


Everyone is connected in some way. Care Spells Consulting helps clients to build an intersectional bridge between issues. Outreach is an essential  part of any organizing and it is an essential part of creating equitable resources and services. Care Spells Consulting helps to build relationships with a wide network of people, organizations, and resources. Some examples include participating in committees that address and build resources in the fields of domestic violence, suicide prevention, houselessness, and queer youth advocacy and policy change.   

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