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Re-Learn, Re-Educate, Re-Imagine


Care Spells Consulting focuses on sexual assault and domestic violence prevention and education through the practice of queering mental health and housing advocacy.


Care Spells Consulting helps clients develop trainings, resources and services content, community outreach connections, and events that align with their goals while  uplifting engagement and equity.


The projects Care Spells Consulting works on vary, from developing in depth trainings that center community compassion to planning and facilitating events meant to network resources and services.   

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The clients that Care Spells Consulting  works with range from non-profit, county, school, grassroots, and individual. If you have an idea or project, Care Spells Consulting can help! 


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Trainings, fliers, newsletters, brochures, handouts, event planning, logos, publicity, conference planning, workshops, community relations, referrals, forms surveys, etc.

Quality of Services

Accessible, equitable, engaging, organized, professional, compassionate, healing, intersectional, joyous, curious,

de-stigmatizing, and caring.

De-stigmatizing houselessness, developing mental health services for youth, bystander intervention, emotional abuse and care in 2SLGBTQ2SIA* community, etc.

Topics of Services

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Image of curved arrow pointing from "Quality of Services" to "Topics of Services".
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Care Spells Consulting is an LLC consulting business that focuses on re-education, social de-stigmatizing, and community outreach in ways that spark curiosity and compassion. Care Spells Consulting works with government, nonprofits, schools, grassroots organizations, and individuals to develop engaging and equitable content, trainings, and events that uplifts compassion for our communities most vulnerable to state and social violence.

As members of community we need to actively educate ourselves on how to show up in this world in ways that do not perpetuate harm. It is our responsibility to put in the work of re-learning, to develop accessible education resources, and uplift the imaginations of healing and joy through care and compassion. Care Spells Consulting helps it's clients and community to develop events, trainings, resource content, and outreach that is engaging and equitable. Care Spells Consulting was created by and is run sole by Lex Siebuhr.

Examples of Past Projects & Curations

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