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{Transcript} Trailer for Care Spells Podcast

Doodle of two spirals, a few dots, and a wiggle line. A purple pencil is next to it.  The image has a pink hue.

“Have you ever wondered how magic can be related to access to mental health and self care, reproductive and sex workers rights, abolition, and other forms of care work? Yeah? Me too! Hello, my name is Lex Storms and I am the host to the upcoming podcast series Care Spells. In this podcast we will be having all kinds of conversations delving into how, in tumultuous times, we use spell casting to invoke and empower liberatory and accessible imaginations. This is a podcast where folx share how magic has healed, guided, inspired, pushed, helped, and/or challenged them through their lives. I am so looking forward to holding this space with you and I hope you are as excited as I am. The first episode will be released Sunday March 28th. Follow the podcast on instagram @CareSpells or through the website where all episode transcripts will be available at WWW.CareSpells.Com. For any questions, concerns, or expansions you can also email”

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